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Women’s Innovative Strategies for Empowerment

Is a Voluntary Non-Governmental organization founded in 2016 and started its operations in 2017. Driven by Women Resilience to Economically and Politically   Empower their   communities   amidst   unending   Gender Based Violence in Northern Uganda.

WISE’S vision

Women with equal rights and access to services”, and our mission is to “improve the welfare of women through Advocacy, Legal Aid, Protection, Livelihood, Governance and Accountability”.  WISE continues to achieve   its goals through human rights and economic empowerment of women.

Welcome to Wise Uganda

Our Objectives

  • To promote gender   equity, social and economic rights of women in Uganda.
  • To mainstream women   into climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.
  • To foster social development   of   women from   self- sufficient to regional economy.

Our Core Values

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork

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